AUTUMN RHAPSODY (Movement show)

Directed by Professor Andrey Shchukin

Voice classes  – Tatiana Solnyshkina

This kind of show has never existed in our school before. We all got used to a new movement show appearing in the repertoire of the Student Theatre every year. These shows are usually based on the section of the program of Stage Movement called "Work with object". The meaning of this section is to teach the students how to transform an object that has nothing to do with the Art into a living creature, with the help of which one can tell a story about something really important, life-changing. An object of imagination can be anything: skiis, a chair, a swob, an umbrella. All that is needed for miracle to happen is an interesting idea, music and light.

But this time we've gone much further. Apart from being able to see how wonderfully the young actors move and have mastered the skills of working with an object, what brilliant music the sound directors have found and how great the lighting directors are at coloring the action, you can also hear live music and live singing!

The secret is very simple: the majority of students who participate in the concert are the students of the musical theatre course. We hope that these students can become universal actors because they can do so many things: play in drama theatre, sing, dance and play musical instruments.

The students play and sing various music. Here are just a few names: Sting “La belle dame sans regrets”, ZAZ “Comme ci comme ça”, Nat King Cole “Unforgettable”, Cirque du Soleil “Alone”, Tom Waits “Dead and Lovely”, Maurice Ravel “Bolero”.