Kallistrat Zhakov



Stage version is made by Dmitry Chebotarev

Music is composed by Dmitry Volkov

Directed by Dmitry Volkov, Dmitry Chebotarev

Art-rock musical show "Bjarmeland" is based on the poem of Kallistrat Zhakov. The word Bjarmeland itself is a geographical name. It's a country from the past, it doesn't exist any more. It was located in the area of the modern Komi Republic. It bordered with the Great Parma. So the characters of the musical show are the inhabitants of Bjarmeland and Parma.

The centre of the show is a love story which lasted a whole life. The story begins when the Prince of Parma - Jaur - sets off for Bjarmeland to get the bride - Raida. She leaves her home, gives birth to Jaur's son and becomes a part of the Great Parma. This kind of dry plot can not reflect the beauty of this story. We need to see the show. it is filled with music, light and symbols. A part of the lyrics is pronounced, a part of them becomes songs which are performed live.

A poem created on the basis of the legends about Bjarmeland turns into a modern musical and at the same time it preserves the atmosphere of the fairytale about heroes, princes, love, fairytale creatures which inhabited the woods of the Great Parma and about eternity.